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    Most Concerts
    In One Year
    I am going to break an official Guinness World Record in 2023.

Current progress

39 of 365 Days
17 of 66 Concerts/Events
36 Different Bands/Artists

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Image of Bad Omens

Bad Omens

Special Guest: GHØSTKID
Support: Oxymorrons
  • Hole 44, Berlin


Image of Coppelius


Support: The Trouble Notes
  • Werk 2, Leipzig


Image of New Candys

New Candys

  • Moritzbastei, Leipzig


Image of Zebrahead


Support: Sibbi Hier
  • Felsenkeller, Leipzig


Image of Haken & Between The Buried And Me

Haken & Between The Buried And Me

Support: Cryptodira
  • Werk 2, Leipzig

About Markus

"At least it is a cool record, not something like licked the most lollipops." - Gab, a close friend

My name is Markus Gubitz, I am 33 years old, based in Leipzig, Germany, work as an Agile Coach in a software development company and I am going to be a Guinness World Record owner by the end of 2023.

In 2022 I have seen 213 live shows of 188 unique artists, which includes supporting acts and festival shows. Many friends joked around, that I am going for the world record and we laughed about it. Yet we are here and I officially registered myself as attempt for "Most concerts attended in one year". Did I think about it first? No. Am I a little crazy? Probably a lot. Am I going to break it? Absolutely!

Photo of Markus

The Record

Is there are current record? Yes there is.

The current Guinness World Record for "Most concerts attended in one year" was achieved by Sudan Infante from West Palm Beach, USA in 2018*. As there is already a record, I did not have any chance to change the conditions of the record and had to stick with the regulations of the current record. Based on the given regulations Sudan Infante attended 65 concerts.

Also Josh Beck did attend 82 concerts in 2022, verification from Guinness World Records is pending, but that is actually the number I want to beat, as his record is counting for me.

What about "Most bands seen live in one year"?

There is currently no record for this and I have applied for creating this record with a target number of 150 artists. Currently there is no confirmation of the Guinness World Record committee, so I do need to wait for their approval before I can start collecting bands. It is not possible to achieve a Guinness World Record for something you have achieved in the past.

Do you post updates on the record somewhere?

You should check out my social media channels, as I do post frequently on Instagram about the record and some other stuff. I am also trying to build up an YouTube and tiktok channel for that. If I do have the time I might also do some livestreaming on twitch.

Festivals do not count - why do you list them here?

Currently there is no record for "Most Bands seen live in one year" and I am trying to achieve this one in 2023 as well, also I think it is a nice statistics. See the section above for details.

The Rules

There are many rules to follow in order to break an official Guinness World Record. Here is an overview about the most relevant ones for this record:. Please keep in mind, that these are just a shortened overview.

  • This record is to be measured by the total number of different concert events attended.
  • For the purposes of this record, a 'concert' is a live musical performance for a paying audience.
  • Each concert must be given before an audience in a recognised venue, with an audience capacity of at least 200 persons.
  • Festivals do not count. Each venue / concert has to be completely separate.
  • All concerts must be advertised and should be accessible to members of the public and press.
  • The attendance of the individual attempting the record at each concert must be for at least one complete set from one of the bands performing.
  • A logbook must be kept with details of each concert attended, including date, venue and artists performing.
  • No artist may feature in more than 5% of the concerts attended.
  • The participant must source their own entry for each concert. Complementary tickets (i.e. for reviewers, venue staff, tour support, etc) will not be eligible.
  • The event is continuous. The clock does not stop. One year means a complete 365 day cycle including rest breaks.

The following evidence must be provided:
  • Two independent witness statements from each concert confirming that the rules above have been adhered.
  • Photographic evidence of your attempt taking place capturing the details provided by the independent witnesses.
  • Video evidence of the record attempt. Multiple short clips from start to finish are sufficient.
  • A ticket stub with the claim for each concert attended.

Full Schedule

Date Artist Venue
02.01.2023 Danger Dan Gewandhaus, Leipzig
06.01.2023 Stilbruch der ANKER, Leipzig
12.01.2023 Architects Haus Auensee, Leipzig
13.01.2023 Alestorm Haus Auensee, Leipzig
15.01.2023 Grave Digger Factory, Magdeburg
16.01.2023 Jan Böhmermann & RTO Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
21.01.2023 Der Herr der Ringe & Der Hobbit - Das Konzert Stadthalle, Chemnitz
21.01.2023 The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert Stadthalle, Chemnitz
24.01.2023 Palaye Royale Huxleys neue Welt, Berlin
26.01.2023 Ryan Sheridan Werk 2, Leipzig
27.01.2023 Letters Sent Home VL Ludwigstrasse, Halle
28.01.2023 Knorkator Täubchenthal, Leipzig
29.01.2023 Heaven Shall Burn Haus Auensee, Leipzig
01.02.2023 Avec UT Connewitz, Leipzig
03.02.2023 Xandria Hellraiser, Leipzig
04.02.2023 Knasterbart beatpol, Dresden
07.02.2023 Bad Omens Täubchenthal, Leipzig
08.02.2023 Bad Omens Hole 44, Berlin
09.02.2023 Coppelius Werk 2, Leipzig
14.02.2023 The Kooks Columbiahalle, Berlin
14.02.2023 MoTrip Felsenkeller, Leipzig
15.02.2023 New Candys Moritzbastei, Leipzig
16.02.2023 Pascow Conne Island, Leipzig
21.02.2023 Zebrahead Felsenkeller, Leipzig
22.02.2023 Haken Werk 2, Leipzig
23.02.2023 Don Broco Huxleys neue Welt, Berlin
24.02.2023 ZSK ASTRA Kulturhaus, Berlin
25.02.2023 Swiss Täubchenthal, Leipzig
26.02.2023 Coppelius Hole 44, Berlin
01.03.2023 Yungblud Velodrom, Berlin
01.03.2023 We Stood Like Kings UT Connewitz, Leipzig
02.03.2023 All Time Low ASTRA Kulturhaus, Berlin
03.03.2023 Kreator Haus Auensee, Leipzig
04.03.2023 Vogelfrey Puschkin Club, Dresden
05.03.2023 Algiers Club Volta, Cologne
06.03.2023 Bloodywood Die Kantine, Cologne
07.03.2023 Alligatoah Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
08.03.2023 Tarja Hellraiser, Leipzig
09.03.2023 I Prevail Täubchenthal, Leipzig
10.03.2023 Chaosbay Moritzbastei, Leipzig
11.03.2023 Marathonmann Naumanns, Leipzig
12.03.2023 Heldmaschine Felsenkeller, Leipzig
13.03.2023 Bloodywood Lido, Berlin
14.03.2023 OH FYO! Neues Schauspiel, Leipzig
15.03.2023 Bloodywood Backstage, München
16.03.2023 Versengold Haus Auensee, Leipzig
17.03.2023 Diary of Dreams Täubchenthal, Leipzig
18.03.2023 The 69 Eyes Hellraiser, Leipzig
20.03.2023 Attila Hole 44, Berlin
21.03.2023 The Subways FRANNZ Club, Berlin
22.03.2023 Versengold Admiralspalast, Berlin
23.03.2023 Finch Haus Auensee, Leipzig
24.03.2023 Nachtblut Hellraiser, Leipzig
25.03.2023 Harpyie Hellraiser, Leipzig
26.03.2023 The Dark Tenor Konzert- und Ballhaus Neue Welt, Zwickau
28.03.2023 Apocalyptica Columbiahalle, Berlin
28.03.2023 Dry Cleaning UT Connewitz, Leipzig
29.03.2023 Apocalyptica Haus Auensee, Leipzig
30.03.2023 Sondaschule Factory, Magdeburg
31.03.2023 Beartooth Haus Auensee, Leipzig
01.04.2023 Electric Callboy Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
02.04.2023 Any Given Day Lido, Berlin
03.04.2023 Kind Kaputt Naumanns, Leipzig
06.04.2023 Jadu Lido, Berlin
08.04.2023 Tigeryouth Rosenkeller, Jena
09.04.2023 Goethes Erben Kulturhaus, Weißenfels
10.04.2023 Fettes Brot Haus Auensee, Leipzig
12.04.2023 Kafvka AJZ Talschock, Chemnitz
13.04.2023 Acht Eimer Hühnerherzen Conne Island, Leipzig
14.04.2023 Fiddlers Green E-Werk, Erlangen
14.04.2023 Mr Irish Bastard GrooveStation, Dresden
14.04.2023 ASP Haus Auensee, Leipzig
14.04.2023 Hämatom Columbiahalle, Berlin
15.04.2023 Avril Lavigne Columbiahalle, Berlin
16.04.2023 Counterparts Hole 44, Berlin
18.04.2023 Mercy Union Werk 2, Leipzig
20.04.2023 Enemy Inside Der Cult, Nürnberg
21.04.2023 Vogelfrey Hellraiser, Leipzig
22.04.2023 Counterparts Conne Island, Leipzig
23.04.2023 Fiddlers Green Zentrum, Bayreuth
25.04.2023 Elif Columbiahalle, Berlin
26.04.2023 Aviana Bärenzwinger, Dresden
27.04.2023 The Hara Cassiopeia, Berlin
29.04.2023 From Fall To Spring Hellraiser, Leipzig
02.05.2023 Arctic Monkey Mercedes-Benz-Arena, Berlin
05.05.2023 Feuerschwanz Felsenkeller, Leipzig
06.05.2023 Sabaton Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
09.05.2023 Sportfreunde Stiller Columbiahalle, Berlin
10.05.2023 Kafvka Naumanns, Leipzig
11.05.2023 Subway To Sally Hirsch, Nürnberg
13.05.2023 SDP Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
15.05.2023 Cyan Kicks Moritzbastei, Leipzig
16.05.2023 The Offspring Velodrom, Berlin
17.05.2023 Tanzwut Hellraiser, Leipzig
18.05.2023 Harry Styles Olympiastadion München, Munich
19.05.2023 Callejon Reithalle E, Dresden
20.05.2023 Polyphia Felsenkeller, Leipzig
24.05.2023 Thundermother Hellraiser, Leipzig
27.05.2023 Ice Nine Kills Live Music Hall, Köln
30.05.2023 Ice Nine Kills Huxleys neue Welt, Berlin
31.05.2023 Kings Of Leon Waldbühne, Berlin
01.06.2023 Hot Water Music Conne Island, Leipzig
19.06.2023 Flogging Molly Factory, Magdeburg
20.06.2023 Asking Alexandria Täubchenthal, Leipzig
29.06.2023 Ignite Conne Island, Leipzig
01.07.2023 In Extremo Festung Königstein Sachsen, Königstein
15.07.2023 MEUTE Festwiese Petersberg, Erfurt
05.08.2023 Kraftklub Parkbühne Wuhlheide, Berlin
12.08.2023 Cro Filmnächte am Elbufer, Dresden
26.08.2023 Deichkind Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld, Hamburg
01.09.2023 In Extremo Wasserschloss, Klaffenbach
02.09.2023 Kraftklub Rinne, Dresden
19.09.2023 Blink 182 O2 Arena, Prag
30.09.2023 Mr. Hurley & die Pulveraffen Strasse E, Dresden
01.10.2023 Mr. Hurley & die Pulveraffen Hellraiser, Leipzig
03.10.2023 The O Reillys and the Paddyhats UT Connewitz, Leipzig
05.10.2023 Annisokay Tante Ju, Dresden
07.10.2023 dARTAGNAN der ANKER, Leipzig
07.10.2023 Heavysaurus Hellraiser, Leipzig
10.10.2023 Dicht & Ergreifend Werk 2, Leipzig
13.10.2023 Das Lumpenpack Felsenkeller, Leipzig
20.10.2023 Scala & Kolacny Brothers Peterskirche, Leipzig
21.10.2023 Subway To Sally Huxleys neue Welt, Berlin
24.10.2023 Sido Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
04.11.2023 Versengold Barclays Arena, Hamburg
04.11.2023 Oomph! Tante Ju, Dresden
11.11.2023 Max Raabe Quarterback Arena, Leipzig
23.11.2023 Future Palace SO 36, Berlin
29.11.2023 Donots Werk 2, Leipzig
Attended the venue
Have tickets
Ordered tickets
Planning to attend
Not yet decided

Record Statistics


StatusConcertsArtists€ spent
Attended the show1736717,65 €
Have tickets611002.139,36 €
Planning to attend2431753,93 €
Total1021673.610,94 €
Missed010,00 €


StatusFestivalsArtists€ spent
Attended the show000,00 €
Have tickets3127529,31 €
Planning to attend000,00 €
Total3127529,31 €
Missed000,00 €

5 Top Artists

ArtistEventsVenuesMoney spent
Der Herr der Ringe & Der Hobbit - Das Konzert1186,25 €
The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert1159,50 €
Jan Böhmermann & RTO1153,99 €
Trivium1152,40 €
Obituary1152,40 €

5 Top Venues

ArtistEventsArtistsMoney spent
Haus Auensee, Leipzig311153,54 €
Täubchenthal, Leipzig2462,03 €
Stadthalle, Chemnitz22145,75 €
Factory, Magdeburg1339,05 €
beatpol, Dresden1239,95 €

Record Logbook

Date Artist Venue Type # Concert # Artist Price
02.01.2023 Danger Dan Gewandhaus, Leipzig headliner 1 1 50,39 €
06.01.2023 Fabrik der ANKER, Leipzig support 2
06.01.2023 Stilbruch der ANKER, Leipzig headliner 2 3 27,10 €
12.01.2023 Northlane Haus Auensee, Leipzig support 4
12.01.2023 Sleep Token Haus Auensee, Leipzig support 5
12.01.2023 Architects Haus Auensee, Leipzig headliner 3 6 51,15 €
13.01.2023 Rumahoy Haus Auensee, Leipzig support 7
13.01.2023 Wind Rose Haus Auensee, Leipzig support 8
13.01.2023 Gloryhammer Haus Auensee, Leipzig coheadliner 9
13.01.2023 Alestorm Haus Auensee, Leipzig headliner 4 10 49,99 €
15.01.2023 Cellar Stone Factory, Magdeburg support 11
15.01.2023 Mystic Prophecy Factory, Magdeburg support 12
15.01.2023 Grave Digger Factory, Magdeburg headliner 5 13 39,05 €
16.01.2023 Jan Böhmermann & RTO Quarterback Arena, Leipzig headliner 6 14 53,99 €
21.01.2023 Der Herr der Ringe & Der Hobbit - Das Konzert Stadthalle, Chemnitz headliner 7 15 86,25 €
21.01.2023 The Magical Music of Harry Potter - Live in Concert Stadthalle, Chemnitz headliner 8 16 59,50 €
24.01.2023 Yonaka Huxleys neue Welt, Berlin support 17
24.01.2023 Palaye Royale Huxleys neue Welt, Berlin headliner 9 18 38,25 €
26.01.2023 Dean Gurrie Werk 2, Leipzig support 19
26.01.2023 Ryan Sheridan Werk 2, Leipzig headliner 10 20 36,55 €
27.01.2023 Blacktoothed VL Ludwigstrasse, Halle support 21
27.01.2023 Letters Sent Home VL Ludwigstrasse, Halle headliner 11 22 15,00 €
28.01.2023 Knorkator Täubchenthal, Leipzig headliner 12 23 32,48 €
29.01.2023 Malevolence Haus Auensee, Leipzig support 24
29.01.2023 Obituary Haus Auensee, Leipzig support 25
29.01.2023 Trivium Haus Auensee, Leipzig coheadliner 26
29.01.2023 Heaven Shall Burn Haus Auensee, Leipzig headliner 13 27 52,40 €
01.02.2023 Oskar Haag UT Connewitz, Leipzig support 28
01.02.2023 Avec UT Connewitz, Leipzig headliner 14 29 27,85 €
03.02.2023 Moran Magal Hellraiser, Leipzig specialguest 30
03.02.2023 Xandria Hellraiser, Leipzig headliner 15 31 28,20 €
04.02.2023 Trobi beatpol, Dresden support 32
04.02.2023 Knasterbart beatpol, Dresden headliner 16 33 39,95 €
07.02.2023 Oxymorrons Täubchenthal, Leipzig support 34
07.02.2023 GHØSTKID Täubchenthal, Leipzig specialguest 35
07.02.2023 Bad Omens Täubchenthal, Leipzig headliner 17 36 29,55 €

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